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Let's talk about AI

Let's talk about AI

Place: Public Room - Cosy Room

Entrance: Free


1. 17:30 - 17:35


2. 17:35 - 18:15

“Chatbot as an UX and NLP hybrid” by Miroslav Stojmanovski

- NLP – the secret essence of each chatbot is the natural language processing, to which extent is the NLP important and can we fare with a simpler ML

- The missing context – what do bots miss that humans “don’t“

- Where does the NLP stop and UX start – the hybrid mix of a successful chatbot

- Use cases – explanation of use cases when NLP beats the web app and vice versa

15 minutes break

3. 18:30 - 19:10

“Building blocks of an AI system“ by Peter Walhagen

About the AI in a system perspective and a bit about the importance of the training data.
What parts are required for a functioning AI system, other than the obvious AI-method/algorithm?
How do we need to treat the data for the AI? What is important in the data for the AI to perform?
It will be a “journey” where we add piece to piece to the AI system while discussing them.

15 minutes break

4. 19:25 - 20:05

“(Almost) Language Agnostic Text Analysis“ by Aleksandar Razmovski

We will discuss about ElasticSearch + Python Framework used for large scale text processing
First Data Ingestion, Retrieval & Update(s) will be addressed.
After that We will go through several language independent models for:

  • - Keywords & phrases extraction

  • - Summarization

  • - Sentiment Analysis

We will finish with some philosophical/ethical questions (as always).

5. 20:05 - 20:45

QA Panel with the presenters + questions from the audience.



Miroslav Stojmanovski Software Architect at Seavus, Banking & Finance unit, Fintech enthusiast, Technology evangelist. With more than 10 years of experience in software development from developer to software architect learned the trade in multiple domains, each more mission critical than the other. Miroslav has been involved in the latest wave of technological changes in banking which start with regulation (PSD2, Open Banking, GDPR) and end with turning this changes into new solutions with banks an fintechs alike. His latest work includes applying ML and AI into traditional services, along with inclusion of new products like chatbots and mobile payments into client’s portfolio.

Peter Walhagen Software Architect at Seavus Stockholm. Peter has studied Applied Physics and has since worked with a wide range in the technological abstraction chain from hardware design in embedded systems, development in embedded and IT to system design and architecture. On Seavus, Peter works as Software Architect in the Stockholm AI team where we focus on NLP-related applications such as automatized information extraction and classification.

Aleksandar Razmovski 1704 of 2354 currently has Senior_Business_Inteligence_Analyst@Seavus tag.
Sharing resources in many projects regarding Data and finding values/insights in it.
15+ years of professional computing/ICT experience & QTR century of fiddling with machines.
Often Used Proverbs:
In (put Your favorite deity here) We trust, all others must bring data;
Humans have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technology.

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