Event date: 6/7/2017 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Export event
Seavus CodeTalks - Novi Sad 06.07.2017

Seavus CodeTalks - Novi Sad 06.07.2017

Place: Pub Dva Psa / Pub Two Dogs

Entrance: Free

Join us for a cold beer and listen to two of our experts from Microsoft and Embedded Division.


Oppening the Seavus CodeTalks

Redux and MobX – differences and applications by Marko Anic

React is one of the hottest topics in JS world today and there are many complementary libraries popping up around it like mushrooms after a rain. Knowing which one to pick for your project, to manage your state for an example, can be an ordeal. 
In this short talk, I’ll attempt to reduce the entropy by comparing two of the most talked about state management solutions: Redux and MobX.

Writing robust code for safety critical systems by Peter Kiš

Throw a rock at your code and see if it gets handled correctly! Modern C++ is a language with a wide set of features and programming requires working with a subset. Writing robust C++ code usually boils down to picking the right features and using them in the right way.

The Lion Talk


Marko Anic has 9 and a half years of experience invested in the development of web applications, in a lot of different domains.
He specialized in greenfield projects and sees them through all of the ALM phases.
Project count:
2 successful large projects,
3 successful medium projects,
4 successful small projects and
1 failed (never-to-see-the-light-of-day) project.

Peter Kiš has 6 years of C/C++ experience in the fields of speech synthesis systems, digital television and other embedded systems. He is currently employed in Seavus as Intermediate Software Developer, working on an electronic control system for transatlantic cargo ships for a Seavus client.

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