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Third Seavus CodeTalks in Belgrade 27.06.2018

Third Seavus CodeTalks in Belgrade 27.06.2018

Place: Startit Centar

Entrance: Free


1.  18:00 - 18:15

Opening of the Seavus CodeTalks

2. 18:15 - 18:50

Blazing fast apps - No JavaScript added by Miloš Ostojić

- What's WebAssembly?
- Introduction to Blazor
- Components everywhere
- Running .NET everywhere (even in a browser)
- You said no JavaScript?
- Where's the server?
- What's next?

10 minutes break 

3. 19:00 - 19:40

Coding recipes – Building a Chatbot for breakfast by Miroslav Stojmanovski

- Why Chatbot – the trend behind the hype and the need behind the type
New way of using AI Chatbots 
Services and benefits it offers
Smart usage in Banking and Telecom industry
- Ingredients – set of technologies used to create different parts of the Chatbot
Which ones will do things right and which ones will make an early flight
What languages can be used to build it
Do you have to be a developer to create one
Can you easily apply what you currently know
- Make it and bake it – live demo of some of the coding principles for creating a chatbot in minutes
Build a demo using Microsoft bot framework for Banking solution
- Chatbot for different industries - all variants and use cases one can think of in 5 minutes
What industries we can cover with this? 
Do we add complexity to existing solutions or do we create solutions in different domains?
- Improve the recipe – what do we need to add as a value to be distinguishable in the swarm
What makes a bot stand out from the crowd, functionality-wise and domain-wise

4. 19:40 - 20:00


Panel with the presenters and guest participants + questions from the audience.

5. After 20:00

Livestream Serbia-Brazil football match with beer and snacks 


Miloš Ostojić is a technical specialist for .NET, senior software developer and a proud contributor to Open-Source Software. He's passionate about the domain-driven design paradigm and enjoys creating tools, frameworks and languages that help other developers.

Miroslav Stojmanovski, Software Architect at Seavus, Banking & Finance unit, Fintech enthusiast, Technology evangelist. With 10 years experience in software development, started as software developer, growing into a technical team leader, expanding his futuristic drive as software architect. Experienced in multiple domains, each more mission critical than the other, ranging from GPS tracking involving bank money transfer, medical software with realtime cardiograms, to banking and fin-tech solutions putting focus on Digitalization in banking revolution.

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